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Sep 26

Dear Tumblr,

If you’re reading my blog for the first time, please read my about section. and if you have time, my previous entries so you can understand. Have fun reading the story of my life!

I read my previous posts, and I can see that I haven’t really talked about myself. I just talked about what’s happening around and my reaction to it. So that’s what I’m going to do this time. 

I’m a full-pledged introvert with undiagnosed anti-social disorder and ADHD. I’m quite boisterous, loud and smiling when with my friends, but not so much to my family and to strangers. Honestly, I don’t think I’m that much friendly. I wait for them to befriend me and I’ll go with the flow. Once I pool in several friends, I stop to that. I don’t bother making another friend. Something like that.

I have three other siblings (all girls) and I’m the youngest.My relationship to my family is moderately strained,perhaps because my priorities and similarities are different from them, and it makes them mad. To be expected, I suppose. Given my age. Teenagers always argue with their parents. They expect me to be this happy, extrovert, bubbly socializing teenager who laughs and talks with them all the time, shooting rainbows and starburst candies in the sunset. Not this worried, loner, introverted reserved teenager who likes to be left alone because whenever he goes down the living room he’s always the one being talked about and it’s annoying.

Wow. I sound bitter.

Well, enough about the family business. Let’s talk about my dreams and future. I like to become a doctor since I was in Grade Six because I’m inspired by tv shows I used to watch in our DVD player like Scrubs, Grey’s Anatomy, and House. Also, I want to complete our family pattern, because two of my sisters are nurses and my third sister is currently taking up Physical Therapy. Besides that, journalism maybe, but I don’t know what to write about.

I like reading, and a voracious reader. I love to read anything, but my favorites are fantasy and action-adventure like Percy Jackson and the Olympians series and Heroes of Olympus series. It caught my eye because I’m really in to Greek mythology. I’m so much of a fanboy that I even drew my own fictional demigod named Lucian Hastings, and I rarely draw decently.  The Hunger Games trilogy is pretty decent. Mitch Albom is good too, and nearly made me cry when I finished For One More Day. Also, I read tons of articles about general information around the net, whenever I feel like doing one. I love writing too, it’s my passion. currently I’m writing this zombie novel (fan of zombies too) where they liberate the city after 500 days of zombie infestation. That and some essays, short stories and other unfinished stories. 

I daydream a lot, maybe because I have a large imagination. I can practically daydream and do something at a time. But sometimes I fail and go absent-minded where I just zone out into elsewhere. I’m not into sports, because I don’t see the point of enjoying something when you’re running out of breath, sweating (no offense to sports people there; just saying my opinion). I eat moderately higher than the average person.

I consider myself more mature and smarter than most of my friends, and I’m saying that with all humility. Maybe it’s because I’m always surrounded by adults all my life. although most of the time I act like my age around my friends.

My political views are mostly Machiavellian, but most of the time I don’t meddle into it. Politicians- they all feel the same to me. I’m a gamer, despite the fact that I only get to play games in computer shops and in console rental store because we have an old computer and I don’t have a console. I just search the net in games and watch video gameplays. My favorite games are Assassin’s Creed series, Elder Scrolls Series, and other online/action rpg/fantasy game.

Well, that’s that. I have to cut it because my sister is mulling over the laptop again. 



Sep 06

The Effects of Coffee in my body

Right. Now I’m writing a detailed experience of the effects of coffee in my body. I’m 14 years old, and the last time I drank a coffee was three weeks ago.  I have to write this because I don’t drink coffee on a daily basis, and it sharpens my writing skills. also, i fear that this experience won’t stay long in my memory. I’ve heard tales of people, when in a caffeine crash, not recalling some or most of their memories while under the effects of coffee.

This  is my story.

It is a rainy Thursday afternoon (Wednesday for westerners, I live in a different time zone). I’m very groggy and sleepy because I read two books a couple hours before our class dismissal, even though I knew what’s going to happen. But hey, I love reading. I’m reading parts of The Battle of the Labyrinth and Pygmalion. I never thought I’ll make it towards home without conking out on the sidewalk. 

I made it home, alright. I dressed back to normal clothes and quickly make myself a steaming cup of coffee. At this point My eyelids are half-closed. Sugar, coffee, hot water, then I let it sit for a while as I attend something in the laptop. After 5 or so minutes I started to drink the coffee. 

It’s already cooled off a little and I overdid the sugar, but it  immediately took effect on me. After just 5 sips I’m fully awake, my eyes alert and fresh. Or not. It awakened me, alright, but my eyes still feel tired-like it’s been forced to work. 

Minutes later the drink is reduced into nothing. Now I’m typing this post. MY heart is pounding, my head is vibrating like a gong, and I can notice every single thing- the chirping of the crickets, the television on with some dubbed foreign soap opera, raindrops the size of bullets pounding the roof and the ground outside. 

So this is how it feels like.

Aug 21


Lion Mascot Sucks Dick [Click to animate]


Lion Mascot Sucks Dick [Click to animate]



Update to Uprising:ORC

I wrote day 371 (the timeline is from day 0-730). It’s the start of the Remington City Civil war where the 7 united districts fought against the 7 conquered districts (namely Olympians and Titans) into Oakcast Landing at battle. I’m having a minor writer’s block so I dont know what to write during the following days, but I got something at day 400 and hopefully until 730.

I need to finish this by middle of September so I can write the novel proper at October. That way I only have to write at least 40% less at November, where I plan to join the Nanowrimo (nat. novel writing month) contest online.

Keep it together, me.

Aug 16

Uprising: Operation Remington City

I scratched the idea of the new teen drama story. It’ll be just like The Perks of being a Wallflower. so I picked up the idea of Uprising: Elysium and revised it. Elysium and Undead World (the sequel to Elysium) are the prequels of this. The setting is 2 years after the events if both books, and what happened to the government, including the DEHO (department of Environment and Health Outbreaks) and the Military. It turns out that prior day 53 since first infection, the military and DEHO officially withdraw from the city. The government issued the Alliance project, making the Alliance force hide underground and prepare for the liberation of the city. After two years, they emerged to take the city back. 


The city is called Remington City. I set it on the island of Manhattan, so there’s no New York City. I kept some names (Harlem, Times Square, Central Park, bridges) but mostly I changed its position and replaced many of the names. of course after two years Remington City is already destroyed and prowling with infected. Survivor fortifications, already growing large due to people working together and the ample resources of the city, are there. The East and Hudson rivers were closely guarded by DEHO ships, and several military planes were guarding the air. 

Zombie type:

The zombie type in this book are caused by an unknown virus transmitted in the air due to a shootout in a laboratory to day 0. The residents are already infected via droplets, bodily fluid within a matter of days, but the infected person will still remain healthy and not turn until they die while the virus is in their body. after that, they’ll reanimate into a stupid, mindless zombie. they can run while the corpse is still fresh, but after a day or two they can just shamble around. After reanimation no matter how many bites you can have you cannot turn (unless you die being bitten). 

Areas in Remington City

1. Harlem (roughly Financial district in real life)

2. Glenfax (mix of little italy, chinatown and lower east side in real life)

3. West glenfax (half right side of Soho and Tribeca in real life)

4. South Winston (other half of Soho and Tribeca in real life)

5. Winston (2/3 of Greenwich Village)

6. Oakcast Landing (1/3 of Greenwich village the east part)

7. South Brookvale (roughly Union Square in real life)

8. Times Square (between Union Square and Chelsea)

9. South Burlingbridge (roughly Chelsea in real life)

10. Central Park (from Flatiron, Garment District,  Theathre district, Midtown and 1/3 of real central Park in length; the width is almost like the real Central Park)

11. Brookvale (roughly Murray Hill and 1/3 to the right side of Midtown in real life_

12. Burlingbridge ( 1/3 of Midtown and half of Broadway)

13. North Burlingbridge (other half of Broadway)

14. North Brookvale (upper east side)


when you’re reading the most amazing fic and it has several chapters and it gives all those otp feelings and you start to cry because it’s perfect and then you see the last date it was updated: 05/12/1435


(via pelodance)

My face when I smell a girl’s hair.

My face when I smell a girl’s hair.

Aug 09

New story Idea

I’m shutting down the high school bounty hunter because the story’s so unbelievable and not suitable. So I’m back to coming-of-age realistic fiction genre. I haven’t decided a title yet but here’s what I’m thinking:

1. the story is about 4 teenagers based on real life stories of teenagers around the world. Their struggle to survive teenage years, to get past the insecurities, the awkwardness, and their identity crisis. This is different from most teenage books because I’m making this as REAL as POSSIBLE-from testimonies by teenagers all over the internet world and from people.

2. Despite that I dont have any experience abotu dating, relationships, and sex, but I know people. I’m kind of good at understanding people and their emotions so I think I can do this decently.

3. I’m adding some uniqueness and humour in this story by doing effects like this: “And this is Clair.*pan, dramatic zoom, slow-mo* She works as a nurse in the clinic *fade out, fade in to the clinic*.” something like that. Like someone’s narrating the story.

4. I’m definitely going to do it in third person pov for the effects to work.

Well, that’s it.

Aug 06

““If somebody likes me, I want them to like the real me, not what they think I am. And I don’t want them to carry it around inside. I want them to show me, so I can feel it, too. I want them to be able to do whatever they want around me.”
Stephen Chbosky, The Perks of Being a Wallflower” —

Aug 03

“I walk around the school hallways and look at the people. I look at the teachers and wonder why they’re here. If they like their jobs. Or us. And I wonder how smart they were when they were fourteen . Not in a mean way. In a curious way. It’s like looking at all the students and wondering who’s had their heart broken that day, and how they are able to cope with having three quizzes and a book report due on top of that. Or wondering who did the heart breaking. And wondering why.”